July 5, 1989

My Lord?

I am; peace be with you;

Lord, sometimes it is difficult.

My Vassula, I know it is hard to live in a desert, but remember how My Eyes never leave you; lean on Me; My Words do not differ from the past; I have never ceased to call every generation to convert; with great love and pity I will always hold out My Hand to you; are you willing to proceed with My Works of Love?

Yes Lord, I am willing, if this is Your wish.

it is My wish, My wish is to embellish every soul on earth, My wish is to let everyone taste My Bread; I love you all; My wish is to fill you and at no cost; My wish is to bring back to their senses the godless;

My Vassula, feel My Sacred Heart; never has It been torn and pained as much as in this dark era;

O God …

yet, how much greater My pain to see so many souls heading for the eternal fires … understand My child, how your suffering is nothing compared to Mine; allow Me to rest in you;

be in Peace;