May 16, 1989


I am;

never fail Me, desire Me more than ever; grow in your trials; let them1 learn to love Me, their God; let them learn to prostrate themselves and adore Me, their Holy One; what use to Me are their lip-prayers? I need love and adoration; pray, My beloved of My Soul, for My priests, bishops and cardinals to discern My Will:

I, the Lord, need LOVE and ADORATION and UNITY, all together around one single Tabernacle; if they sought My interests, they would understand how My Sacred Heart longs and desires this unity under the leadership of My Peter, Peter whom I Myself have given the keys of the kingdom of heaven; so pray with fervour all of you, that they may all understand, that I, the Lord, call them to unite; I call all those under My Name to return to true unity, under Peter-of-My-Lambs;

I will later on call all other nations too, to accept My Name as the Anointed; I shall speak in their heart;

1 Everyone.