May 13, 1989


I am, discern Me fully and in the capacity I have given you;

blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven; be blessed; beware of evil who is redoubling his efforts to discourage you; I am helping you not to fall in his traps; I am levelling your path, have you not noticed?

Yes, my Lord, I have and I bless You.

remember, it is I who promotes you, dearest soul; never forget your incapacity and your inability to even breathe without Me; remember always the way I work; I have chosen you among others too, to receive My Messages; I am known to approach souls who are poor; heal them and through them make My Word known;

Lord? May I dare say something?

Love is listening;

Lord, many a time Your Word is given, but also many a time never listened to or believed.

I know, yet everything does not go in vain, for even if many do not listen, there are a few who do; thus, even if just one grain takes root, all these sacrifices are worthwhile;

Lord, with Your Grace and out of pity You give us all these messages, but there could have been masses reading them and getting converted, but it is not that way. Your messages are fought down and many times ignored, by Your very own.

this, My flower, is the great apostasy in My Church; My Church is filled up with Cains; enthroning themselves in My sanctuary, they pay more attention to formalities rather than My teachings of Love; I have entrusted them with millions of souls to lead to Me with love, but they have taken the key of knowledge away, neither they go in themselves, nor allow others in who want to;

Lord, for how long yet are we to suffer?

not for very long, put your trust in Me; come, I will read to you a passage out of My Word;

(Jesus indicated to me Jr. 4:5-31.)

creation, do not delay; convert and hear My Word; come, we, us?

Yes, my Lord, and I never seem to say it these days.

and I want you to say it Vassula … smile at Me;

You are really?

I am; flower, how often will I have to tell you?

I know, Jesus, but I like to hear You confirming it.

realise then how I too love hearing you repeat My Name; I never tire of hearing you call Me; have always My Name in your mind, in your heart; utter My Name always and everywhere; speak of Me, it glorifies Me,

Ah Jesus, You have given me so much, blessed be Your Name. Glory be to God.

have My Peace; will you kiss My Feet?

Yes, my Lord.

(I kissed the Lord’s feet in spirit and on a crucifix.)

glorify Me by keeping faithful to Me;