September 30, 1986

peace be with you daughter;

Please, Jesus, give me light to be able to feel You and write. 1

Vassula, lip-service means the call is meaningless;

(I realised my mistake. I asked Jesus this favour without love, without thinking, without really feeling it. I repeated it but really meaning every word and raising my soul to Him.)

deliver your call to Me, feeling Me2 like this time; I, God, feel; I feel all; I must receive from your call, love from the depths of your soul, needing Me, loving Me, meaning every word you say; I, God, exist and I feel; any call which is lip-service might as well stay buried; lip-services are calls bellowing from graves; remember, I exist and feel; I wish that all My children work, giving Me joy;

1 I need to feel God’s Presence.
2 Being aware of God’s Presence.