October 5, 1986

(I’m reading a book in which many people reported “experiences with God”, but almost all those people are told by ‘experts’ that they should forget what they experienced because it’s not God; they tell them that only highly elevated souls experience these things from God and one has to be highly elevated too. As I know I’m none of this and far from good, I decided to stop these meetings by writing with God; I might as well ‘pack-up’ the whole thing. They seemed to say that to reach God you have to be a saint and they made me believe God is so far. So I will drop the whole thing, leaving my hand to write for the last time what it wants, led by “the force” that has been writing all these months.)

Vassula! do not leave Me, beloved, be calling on Me and be learning from Me; remember, I am beside you all the time; I, God, am living in you; believe Me, I am the Almighty, the Eternal God;

No. It can’t be. It can’t be God. Those that know would prove to me that it is not God. Only highly pure souls who are worthy, God reaches giving such graces.

I am not beyond reach! Vassula, I do not refuse anybody; I blame all those who discourage My countenance to My children to come to Me; whoever teaches that to be able to be with Me or be accepted by Me should be pure or worthy are those who are damaging My Church; any man having found Me, but is discouraged by others, I, who am Infinite Strength, will support him, giving him My Strength; why, why do I have men who call themselves experts, judging whether I am or not, banning every possibility, leaving My children disconsolate and helpless and disillusioned, disregarding all My graces, pulling away My children from Me; why are all My given blessings rejected; blessings that I gave; I am Infinite Wealth;

daughter, when you had finally found Me, I was full of happiness; I was careful not to frighten you away; I was being gentle, treating you like a mother handling her infant; I made you approach Me; I was full of happiness calling you and meeting you, having you near Me, sharing everything I have, My beloved; and now, you come telling Me that you are thinking of leaving Me, because I, God, am impossible to reach and that you were given information that only worthy souls can reach Me and that you are below the standard required! I never deny any soul; I offer My graces even to the most wretched;

delight Me and meet Me in this way; I bless you, daughter; I am guiding you; you are eating from Me; Vassula, read today 1 Peter; read attentively, then I will relate it to you; read the first chapter; live with faith; Peter teaches you to have faith;

(Jesus made me understand many things with the word ‘faith’; that one can make mountains move by faith. One has to believe blindly, if you wish.)