April 1, 1989


I am; let Love guide you, do not listen to the wise, they are like the scribes in My time; evangelise with love for Love; let them feel My Infinite Love;

I long for You, Lord!

little one, My Heart rejoices to feel you and hear you say: “I long for you, Lord”; this is the fruit of devotion; be My reflection, a copy of Me; desire the Father; I longed for the Father while I was on earth, I prayed without ceasing; I longed to be in constant link with My Father, in union of Love;

pupil, I am your Teacher who raised you up with Wisdom; so fill Me with joy and be in constant link with Me; place Me as first and desire Me always; rejoice when meeting Me in this way I have given you, stay close to Me, all I ask from you is Love;

Lord, I pity the souls that go to hell, after all they were like us, one of us on earth. If there was somehow one way to bring them out of hell and change them …

I had given them the freedom to choose good from evil, but they preferred evil, in spite of My supplications and calls of Love;

But Lord, why couldn’t there still be a chance …

child, you do not understand their total rejection of Me; I have loved them to their last; led by Satan, they preferred to follow him, even after their death I have been before them, yet they willingly followed Satan without the slightest hesitation; it is entirely their choice, they chose hell for always;

O Lord, let me always do Your Will.

Vassula, never leave My Hand; we, us for all eternity, every drop of love is used, I need love to save souls on their way to perdition; come;