March 29, 1989

(Messages given for the meeting at Courtetelle (JV), North of Switzerland.)

peace be with you;

I am the Lord, feel My Presence, discern My Presence; today I come to you, speaking through My servant; I am always with you, in every moment of your life; My Sacred Heart rejoices to feel your love to Me; My lambs, how I always wanted to gather you all in My Arms and hide you from the evil one! I love you, I love you with an everlasting love, a jealous love you would understand only when you will be in Heaven;

yet, in spite of My Fathomless Love, most of My children have turned their backs to Me … they have forgotten My Passion; and with evolution My Name is meaningless to them now; give them idols and they will be first to adore them, but give them what is Holy and they will mock upon It;

I, your Holy One, suffers and My Body is mutilated by disobedience, impurity and the iniquity of this dark world! ah creation! My Cry of suffering shakes the entire Heaven, leaving My angels trembling and prostrated; have you not heard Me yet, daughters and sons of Mine? My Cries from above leave even the demons in stupor from your deafness … Tears of Blood flood My Eyes, night and day, hour after hour, unceasingly in wait for you, have you rejected My Spirit forever? My Voice echoes in this devastating wilderness, without a single pasture to rest in, not one spring to run and refresh you;

I descend from My Throne above into My Pastures of old to find them neglected and barren; My flowers, which I planted with so much love and by My Own Hand, are perishing one after the other; My flower-beds have been neglected and are dry; My wells are now only an empty, dusty, dark hole, nestling vipers; where have My keepers gone? why have they neglected My garden? on My return, will I still find one single flower?

My Spirit is crushed from lack of love, lack of faith, lack of peace; children of My Sacred Heart, hear My Cry in this wilderness; recognise My Voice, at least recognise the Times! come all those who have not reconciled with Me, come now and reconcile; your iniquities have pierced all eternity, withdrawing you from Me; do no evil and evil will not befall you; be good to each, love one another, forgive your enemies; I am repeating My Words which you all know, but how many of you put them into practice?

pray with your heart; I need love; come and adorn Me with prayers that come from your heart, come and draw from My Heart which is an Abyss of Love and fill up yours; I tell you most solemnly, the hours are fleeing, dearest souls, come back to Me; peace! peace! peace! Cry out to the nations for peace, peace to unite! peace to love! peace to glorify Me! the day is coming that every vision My seers have seen, will come true, since what I pronounce I always fulfil; pray, My beloved, for My Peter; pray for the Patriarch; pray for all My priests; 1 pray that My Fold be one, as I and the Father are One and the Same; pray that My lambs return into one single Fold under the leadership of Peter until My Return;

O, if you would only listen and obey! will you now pray the Our Father? I am listening, (…) and I promise you, that My Kingdom shall come, and My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven; children, bear fruit in Peace; I, the Lord, love and bless you all;

(Message from Our Holy Mother for the same reunion:)

beloved, console Jesus, console Jesus, be in peace with each other and love one another; be faithful to God and abandon yourselves entirely to Him; you are only abandoning yourselves to Love and thus allowing Him to nourish you with His Love and Peace; the Lord and I bless you all; I love you; the Lord and I bless all the religious objects that are in this room;

daughter, have My Peace; just abandon yourselves into Love’s Hands and Love will lead you always; I love you, have my blessings;

1 In saying “priests”, Jesus’ Sacred Heart swelled with a special love for them, but at the same time a pain pierced His Sensitive Holy Heart, piercing mine as well when I felt His sorrow. My eyes filled.