October 15, 1988


I am;

I have never met since all eternity such weakness as yours, it’s astounding… 1 child, you need Me, your weakness attracts Me who is Infinite Strength, your weakness infatuates Me; weakness has always attracted Me like magnetism;

listen to My Heartbeats; I am Jesus and My Sacred Heart is your Home; daughter, every beat of My Heart is a song of love to you; I have loosened your chains of bondage to this world, remain now detached like I wished it from all eternity, this detachment I want from every soul; realise who could do this but Me your Saviour; I am the one who redeemed you from the bondage of sin, and this is why the demons are aggressive towards you, you have felt their close presence this week; devote yourself to Me, for your devotion and fidelity pleases My Sacred Heart, this Heart thirsty for love and for fidelity;

come up to Us in that cavern; 2 invoke Us there;

Yes, Jesus. Yes, Holy Mother.

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, feel loved by Me, feel loved by your Holy Mother; allow Me to use you for just a little while longer; we, us;

Yes, Lord. Lord?

I am;

This love I have for You and the fervent desire to feel You and want You constantly with me, thirsting always for more of You, thinking only of You day and night, in short living for You, sometimes wanting to see You with my bare eyes, are these feelings of desire to ‘see’ You like those of the souls in Purgatory who are not with You yet?

they3 are very near to what they4 feel; yet with much deeper and clearer feelings; 5

Then it really must be terrible!

yes, they suffer very much; if they had never desired Me while on earth, then they learn to desire Me in purgatory, there they do not see My Face and they burn with this desire;

Yes, my Lord. Thank You, my Lord.

1 It was because of the awful wave of doubts again. Where there are the three dots I had left God speechless.
2 A cavern above the Ermitage of Longeborgne.
3 Editor’s Note: Vassula’s feelings.
4 Editor’s Note: souls in Purgatory.
5 Editor’s Note: the feelings of suffering of souls in Purgatory are deeper.