October 14, 1988

I only ask You for Your Strength.
I need more faith to love You more and as You want;
I need perseverance and hope
to accomplish the mission You have given me,
and thus glorify Your Holy Name again.

I will give you all these things for My interests and My Glory, but also for a higher perfection of your soul; I, the Lord, love you; understand how the demon hates you for this work you share with Me; you glorify Me with your love and you glorify Me by drawing souls to Me; you, whom he once called “worm”, 1 are glorifying Me and offending him, for the smaller and the more insignificant you are, all the more offended he becomes; remember how pompous he is and how vain?!

Yes, my Lord.

I love you and I shall always protect you; come always to Me and I shall never deny you My Peace; Love loves you;

Glory be to our Lord.