September 25, 1988

My God, having given a few of Your Messages to L…. He said that they are embarrassing to read. He felt uneasy reading them because of the Love You have for me, Your creature, and the love I have for You, my God! He said they are shocking. Lord?

I am; I am God, I am Love; whosoever says that My Messages are ignominious, is only condemning Me and by condemning Me is condemning himself;

an unspiritual man has not the capacity to understand the Spirit by means of his mind nor penetrate into Wisdom to be able to understand the Spirit; one has to open his heart and allow the Spirit to enter and thus meet with his spirit; then My Spirit will nourish his spirit and Wisdom will illumine him to see what the Spirit is, how the Spirit works, what the Spirit feels; I am God, I am the Source of Love who created all of you out of My Boundless Love, to love Me;

Praised be our Lord!