August 25, 1988


I am;

Vassula, pray for Love’s Return, pray for the renewal of My Church, pray for her rebirth; Her tepidness of now will change into a flame of love; her apathy will be transformed into fervour and a thirsty desire to know Me and follow Me; her unfaithfulness into loyalty; her aridity will turn into green pastures and a fountain of purity consoling My lambs, quenching their thirst and sheltering them; My lambs will find in Her warmth what I once had given Her; they will find Peace and Love; they will return;

so pray for this renewal of My Church, pray that the Gospels are fully understood and that those parts that have been hacked out, be returned; pray, My child, that My Church be United and garbed in Her Garments-of-Old; pray for all the misinterpretations given to you now from My Word, to cease; these misinterpretations are like poisonous food for you, My Food is Pure and Whole; pray for My sacerdotals to understand fully My Ways and the way I truly am; they still have not understood Me, pray that they may be enlightened;

oh My child, pray for My Glory, that in the end My Holy Name may be glorified again and be honoured by all Nations;

Oh Jesus, all this seems to me so very far, and Your coming even further!

daughter, have My Peace and be willing and eager to receive Me; I tell you most solemnly, the hours are fleeing, dissolving like shadows and already you are living in the first signs of My Return; already the first birth pangs have started, but like Folly, My creation laughs it off, rejecting My first signs, they refuse to believe that the birth pangs have already begun!

so devote yourself to Me, My child, and feed from Me; I will see that you lack nothing; do not look left or right, come straight to Me; I am the Lord and will remain your Teacher and your Spiritual Director; you are learning from Wisdom, you are learning from Me, and it is I who hold the Keys to Wisdom; I let no one in to see Her whose eyes are wise, I only give Her to children; I only allow mere children to penetrate in Her and meet Her;

Thank You, my Jesus.