February 5, 1987

beloved, I am Yahweh and My ecclesiastical editions are from Me; I have fed you; I am forming you, daughter;

I am the Almighty; have no fear;
listen, daughter, fulfil My Word;

I came and delivered you from evil to be in My light for you are to be My bearer; I will give you strength, I am always beside you, never have any doubt;

My incapacity is GREAT and I am afraid of the circumstances.

you need not fear, for My power will envelop you, thus giving you My strength to tread on My foes;

be on your guard for many will try and discourage you saying that this guidance is not from Me; I know how little you are and helpless; so be near Me and let Wisdom lead you, all authority will come from Me;

understand that Wisdom comes from Me;

all those that have eyes, let them see; all those that have a heart, let them understand, that it is I, Yahweh Sabaoth, who speaks; I have never forsaken you; I am delivering Wisdom to re-establish My given Word; I come to remind you all of My love for you, blessing you all; I do not want to see you lost, woe to the unwise! purify yourselves for the time is near; listen to My words, for in doing what I ask you I will forgive you; I am guiding you to live in Peace and Love, for I am a God of Peace and Love;

live holy, pray for forgiveness and I will bless you;
you are all My children whom I have created with love;
come, bind My words in your hearts for it is I, Yahweh, who guides you;

Lord, I am helpless and do not know anything. I only see a big mountain in front of me!

fear not, Vassula, for you are not the first helpless messenger I raised giving My word; have faith in Me; trust Me and I am guiding you;