August 2, 1988

I, the Lord, have great pity and My Mercy is beyond compare; My Mercy is Great and fathomless; creation! your sins are black as coal and without My Boundless Mercy, My Justice would have brought you in total destruction; I am at your very doors now and as a thief I shall enter; take heed of My Signs; be prepared;

pray, My Vassula, pray for those who resist Me still; pray for those who are offending Me and who obscure the world, condemning my lambs who walk in the right path; free them! free them, bringing them to Me; ah Vassula! little lamb, stay near Me; stay hidden under My Cape, hidden in My Heart; Salvation will come from Me, allow Me to use you;

Yes, Lord.

(St Mary:)

be willing; daughter, remember My Presence; we us, for ever and ever, we us, together;