August 4, 1988


(At the public audience with the Pope, I managed to place under the Pope’s sash, a message from Jesus while he was standing near me. A photograph was taken. I saw Jesus today all around me facing me with a broad smile all the time.)


I am; flower, do not seek to understand My Ways; be simple and accept all that comes from Me; I, the Lord, have led you into My House; I have led you to see and meet My so beloved servant John Paul II; dearest soul, you obeyed Me, you trusted Me, you relied on Me; rejoice soul! For I, your God, feel rejoiced! simplicity infatuates Me; obedience rebounds My Sacred Heart, for this is The Weapon to fight against the evil one;

Lord, was it correct to place Your Letter in the Pope’s sash?

you obeyed Me – let this be as an example of obedience to others; no matter how hard the situation may appear to you, trust Me and obey Me; I will always help you when I see that you are obeying Me and doing My Will – seek not to understand why I have asked you to do this for Me; remember, that it is I, the Lord, who will unite you all under My Name, and it is through My Power that all My desires will be accomplished;

let My Finger stay upon you, My child, using you in this way; allow Me to leave My veil on you, thus keeping you away from evil and becoming elated by all these graces I shed upon you; I, your God, love you and will never abandon you even in the most critical situations; Love will inspire you; Wisdom loves life; Wisdom bears the Name of Holiness and She is given to all those who obey Me; all instructions descend from Wisdom; trust Me and sow the seeds of Holiness;

peace upon you; come, remember My Holy Presence; smile at Me;