September 5, 1987

Vassula do not fear, write the word, Garabandal;

Garabandal is the sequel of other signs; Garabandal’s apparitions are authentic, believe all you who have not seen; believe, believe, daughter, I have used you to be able to manifest Myself through you; My Mother had appeared to My chosen souls; out of their mouths, the Truth was said, but many of My sacerdotal souls declared them as uncertain and some of them denied them altogether;

I have manifested Myself through you to lift this doubt of Garabandal; Garabandal’s apparitions are authentic and My children have indeed seen My Mother and heard Her Messages; Vassula, a harder trial will come upon you making My Cross heavier on your shoulders and augmenting My Cup of Justice; I have forewarned the world;

My God, very few probably know of this happening.

true, many do not know, because of the doubts and fears My sacerdotal souls bear; by doubting they deny My Heavenly Works, they have forgotten that I am Omnipotent; hardened at heart they have lost their spirituality, blinded they seek without light and without Wisdom;

all My Works have always been given to mere children and never to the learned; My Works appear unorthodox in their eyes, but it is because they compare themselves to Me;

I have, since the beginning of times never abandoned you; 1 Vassula, do you remember the Pharisees?

Yes, Lord.

they at one time accused Me of preaching against Moses’ Law; what difference is there today? I have been accused of promiscuity and going against their Law; today’s accusations and uncertainty is not far from this; let Me tell you, those who defy revelations, apparitions and Messages, are those who wound Me; they are the thorns of My Body; I have told you some time ago2 that I will lead you with Heavenly Force right into the very depths of My Bleeding Body; I said that I will point out to you with My finger, those who wound Me; I am Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God; Vassula, fear not, for I am before you;

1 He made me understand that the signs given are to remind us of His Presence among us, encouraging us.
2 On the 11th June God told me this same message. He said He would not spare them. At that time I did not know to whom He was referring to.