June 20, 1988

flower, read from My Book these words, writing them down; write, My Vassula: “I the Lord wish to develop My reflections further, will you allow Me your God to use you?”

Yes, Lord, but never forget my incapacity, please.

I do not; listen to Me then and blossom; give off a sweet smell like incense; spread your fragrance abroad; bless Me, your Lord, for all My Works; declare the greatness of My Name; proclaim how wonderful My Providential Works can be; all that I order is promptly carried out; teach them not to judge and say: “what is this? why is that?” all will be studied in due time; 1 let them learn and say: “all the works of our Lord are good”; I will supply every need in due time; they must not say, “this is worse than that”, for everything will prove its value in its time;

so now I tell you to rejoice, and bless Me, your God; I love all of you! be one with Me; feel Me, discern Me and follow Me;

Yes, Lord.

1 The study of these messages was done by the C.D.F. in the Vatican during 2002-2004, with positive results.