June 10, 1988

(Holy Mother is speaking.)

by the Holy Rosary I will prevail; daughter, this step is the beginning for many other events to come; realise, Vassula, that at Fatima I appeared as the Lady of the Rosary; 1 Vassula, I love you boundlessly, are you willing to pray the Holy Rosary daily?

Yes, I mean to obey You and Jesus.

obedience, My children, know how much evil is conquered by obedience;

ecclesia will revive; Jesus and I have always worked together because Our Hearts are united; Jesus’ Sacred Heart has prepared His Message of Peace and Love through you, choosing the weakest, least and most wretched child of all humanity, but in spite of what you are, Jesus loves you boundlessly; He chose you to show the world His boundless Mercy; He chose you to manifest His Love through you;

come back, creation, come back to Us! the time is almost over now! hear Our call; children there is not much time left; O beloved! hear Our Voice, hear Our plea, hear these Hearts who weep incessantly for you; return to Us!

1 Since the Lord asked me to learn the Holy Rosary, I phoned an old neighbour of mine whom I knew to be Catholic and asked her if she had time to teach me properly the Rosary. Surprised, because I am Greek Orthodox, she came anyway.