May 25, 1988

(This morning I was very busy. It was somewhat difficult to discern the Lord and talk together. Later on I sat to have my lunch at the veranda. While I was eating I suddenly saw interiorly with the eyes of my soul, the Lord, sitting at table with me, watching me eat. He said, “Is this good?” I said: “Yes, Lord it is, thank You, Lord.” There was a slight pause, then He asked me: “Do you want Me to bless your food?” I replied: “Yes, Lord, do.” So Jesus blessed my food. He stayed with me until I finished. Then I thanked Him for the food. This was to show me that I could ask Him to bless my food before I eat.)

beloved, endeavour to ask for My blessings; I will bless your food;

Yes, Lord, thank You for teaching me.

Vassula, I love you; I will be your Heavenly Teacher till the end;

Thank You Jesus. Lord, I invoked St. Francis and prayed to him. Does he hear me when I pray to him?

nothing goes by unheard; everything is heard in Heaven; he has heard you; Saint Francis is by your side;

come, we, us?

Yes, my God. Praised be the Lord.