May 31, 1988


I am; the Holy Rosary was well said;

Thank You, Lord and Holy Mother, for teaching me.

(I prayed the usual three prayers, and the whole Holy Rosary, completing it this time.)

devote your time these days upon the Holy Rosary;

Yes Lord. – Lord? I’ve been reading Gabrielle’s ‘homebringing mission’ but it does not mention St. Mary or the Holy Rosary;

Vassula, let it be known that this is what I, the Lord, call a misleading torch; pray for these sects; I, the Lord, will not allow to have My Body separated from My Head; these, daughter, are the floating kingdoms without roots I have been telling you about; I have now given you the proof of one; needless to tell you how My Sacred Heart feels; Vassula, meditate upon My Sacred Heart, this Heart that never fails you; I will be your Holy Teacher till the end; do not leave My Hand; we, us?

Yes, Lord.

we, us?

Yes, St. Mary. Glory be to God.