April 26, 1988

(Yesterday while talking to My sister about what God wants me to do, in the heat of the conversation I found myself saying: “O babas mou ipé na …” meaning: “Abba told me to …” In other words: “Daddy told me to …” I found myself calling in a very natural way God as ‘Daddy’ in Greek.

I quickly stopped because I saw my sister gaping at me. I put my hand on my mouth and explained to her that I was speaking of God, calling Him ‘Daddy’, without meaning to.

For so very often I feel so very near Him, and so many times I say that I have two families; one that I was given here on earth, but up there lives my true and real Holy Family.)

little one, stay beneath My Cape; near Me you are safe from Satan’s aggressions; yes, he is redoubling his efforts, setting all sorts of traps; he is hounding you, My child; scheming; he is in total frenzy with all that has to come; I am telling you this, My child, so that you redouble your prayers;

Lord, do You wish me to fast? Will it help, Lord?

will you fast?

If You wish me to…

I do; come, I will help you in this;

Vassula, when you called Me, ‘baba’, 1 I received this word as a jewel; little do you know how attracted I become at simplicity; yes, I have named you barefooted, for in your heart you are;

hear Me: I created you in My Light; I received you in My Celestial Hall; I have welcomed you to share My Peace, My Cross and My Love; I will lead you soon in a land where you will expand My Kingdom; I will advise and instruct you when the time comes;

1 ‘Abba’ in Greek.