April 11, 1988

Lord, do not refuse me
since I am the least in Your Eyes,
have pity on me
and feed me, if You wish,
even the remaining crumbs Lord;
St Mary do not despise me,
please have mercy
and let the Lord throw to me
a few remaining crumbs,
please keep me alive!

come! have My Bread, I will not refuse you! from my own Hand I will feed you;

I will, Vassula, embellish you; delight Me and praise Me!

Praised be the Lord!

come, write, write: Cain will not execute his plan and get rid of his brother this time; I will hinder him, I will surprise him; little does he know that I am entering in his room, as a thief enters, 1 to unseam his plan, leaving him naked; and Cain will remain naked until he comes to Me, repenting; pray for this hour; this hour which will rise pleas and supplications and fear; this will be an hour of Justice;

be blessed, My child; I, your Holy Father, love you; I Am the Holy Trinity, you have discerned well! write it;

(I discerned, while Jesus was saying I am your Holy Father, a ‘triple’ Jesus, like those fancy pictures of one person but made as though they are three: one coming out of the other, all similar and all three the same.)

I am the Holy Trinity, all in One; I love you; come, child, I will initiate you into deep mysteries, all for My Glory; hold My Hand, I am He who created you;

we, us?

Yes, Lord!

1 Is Jesus doing it now?