March 29, 1988

Jesus, O Jesus, what should one answer to the ecclesiastics who sneer using the word ‘apparitions’? We1 are helpless and have no knowledge to statements like this latest one: “Apparitions? Seek The Truth and not in apparitions.” This was said to my companion Beatrice by a Catholic priest. She had nothing to say, nor would I have had either. We are helpless, Lord!

flower, I will assure you that I am the Truth and My Word2 is the Truth, but many of My own have forgotten My Words; hardened at heart, they seek in darkness; it is written3 that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and that My children shall prophesy again, I will give dreams and visions to many, even to the least of them I will give; I will give you hope and encourage you by displaying portents in heaven and on earth, these are My Signs of today! 4 I have said that out of the babe’s mouth you shall hear The Truth!

so to those who condemn My Divine Works of today I tell you this: your apostasy is condemning you!!5 all you who disbelieve and have made desolate My Garden, come to Me and repent!!

come, child, I love you; have My Peace; eat from Me, hold on to Me; I am by your side;

I love You, Lord. Praise be the Lord!

endeavour to keep up My Teachings and follow Them; I, the Lord, love you; I am Present wherever you are, so smile at Me when you look at Me! … blessed are the simple in heart, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven;

Justice will prevail and My House will be renewed with Simplicity enveloped by Integrity; allow Me, child, to imprint on you My Divine Words; I shall not fail you; rest in My Heart and let your Lord rest in yours;

Jesus, give me the strength,
the faith and the love to do Your Will.
Teach me to obey You and humble myself,
teach me to forgive my oppressors
and repay evil with love.

I am teaching you, Vassula; yes, 6 smile at Me, believe in My Presence; be faithful to Me, be My reflection; yes, Vassula, My Body aches, right in the middle of My Heart lies the lance’s blade;

Where, Lord!

in the very sanctuary and depths of My Foundation, My Sacred Heart is bleeding; in My agony, I sought to warn them; arise daughter! ecclesia needs you; My House lies in darkness from the apostasy and iniquitism; and because of their sins, My flock has been scattered; how I cry from My Cross, ah Peter!! 7 I come to you because I know you remained faithful to Me; oh8 Peter, look at My Heart … hear My cries, beloved soul; I, the Lord, find no love, no holiness in those Cains; they are many, they have laid desolate My House; on what will My lambs feed since their hands are empty? they have nothing to offer them since they made a desert out of My Foundation; pray, Peter, and I will lift you so that your eyes will see this wilderness from above and I will let you penetrate into the Wound of My Heart; I will let you see the lance’s blade, your heart will cry out with pain when you will see it; Peter, I will give you the strength and the courage you will need to have so that you may pull it out; 9

(Later on:)

Vassula, My anguish for souls walking in darkness, souls full of blemishes, sours My Heart; My Vassula, I am outside her door knocking but she refuses to open, her daily occupations leave no place for her Saviour, her soul going into deeper depths of darkness; although I have given her the grace of intellect and perception she is not apt to change as long as she refuses Me to come in; I demand nothing, I ask only for some recognition, for some love; see, Vassula?

(Jesus was sad.)

creating her was a delight for Me, but would she know all this since she has shut Me out? yes, 10 Vassula; love Me, My Vassula, you console Me; make up for those who have no love for Me;

(Jesus wrote this on account of a visitor, one of our family who stays now with us for a few days. Having heard of these messages she asked me to have a look on them. She read some of the messages from October 1987 then left it. She yawned then said, “I guess when I reach retirement age I will take care of my rose-garden and my spiritual life, but not now.” She asked me to watch me while writing, so that she could satisfy her curiosity and watch the phenomenon. I refused her request. No one sees me unless God calls him or her for this. It happened twice: once for a special case. Then at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Dhaka. It is holy and it should not be profaned by curiosity.)

1 Beatrice and I.

2 Scriptures.

3 Jesus was so very angry. Shouting! Jesus reminded me of the way He shouted at the Pharisees that day in the Temple!

5 Jesus was very cross, shouting even louder!

6 I had smiled at Him.

7 ‘Peter’ was cried out like Peeeteeer, in a long cry.

8 This was more of a moan of suffering.

9 Jesus was in great agony. When Jesus said “be my reflection” (a few lines back) I got up, thinking the message of that day was over; but a few minutes later on I received this special urge when a call is there or coming. I started to feel in me God’s agony. I knew it was from Him what I felt, for it went through my body, reflecting it on me. I heard his cry of agony, so I rushed back, hardly seeing through the many tears in my eyes. Jesus was suffering, He was in pain. It hurt Him to say and write this.

10 This made me weep to see Jesus so sad.