March 26, 1988

My God
I no longer can detach my eyes
from Your Divine Face
my eyes are fixed upon you
in endless hours of adoration
and my mind cannot detach itself
from You Beloved Father,
every second upon earth and heaven
my mind is absorbed in You, with You.

I live for You and breathe for You,
my joy is You and my smile.
I believe, I adore, I hope
and I love You endlessly.

I love you, soul; peace upon you; adore Me; be blessed, face Me, your God, and delight Me! I have longed for this hour to come, how I longed to bring you near Me!

May Your Name be praised, Lord!

in the depths of My Sacred Heart I have kept a place for you; your home is in My Sacred Heart; come! come to Me;

(Jesus gave me again the same vision I had when I was around ten years old, and the same words: “come, come to Me”. That was Jesus’ first call to me.)

come, I love you; Vassula, hold on to Me and I will guide you; you belonged to Me from the beginning; daughter, do you love Me?

To folly, Lord.

to love Me glorifies Me and purifies you; follow My footprints; they will lead you where I wish you to be;

let us pray,

“Holy Spirit
descend upon us, renewing us,
fill our soul with Your Love,
rest in our tormented soul, giving us Peace,
envelop us with Your wings
sheltering us from all evil,
humble us, guide us in Your Light
to be able to see Your desires
and thus fulfil them,