March 17, 1988

Vassula, listen to My Voice, as in the beginning of My call;

well before you existed, I called many to serve Me; yes, those were the Virtuous Days when blessings were welcomed; I called wretched souls and they never doubted that it was I, their God and Saviour, calling them; their entourage would not doubt either, like they doubt today; your era, Vassula, is dead; they have made a desert by condemning My Works of today, expanding this wilderness; My Blood was shed to irrigate your hearts and allow you to live in My Light;

O creation, was My Blood shed in vain? this era would tell you: “do not listen, shut your ears for the voice you hear is certainly the devil’s”; and to those I blessed, giving them visions, today these blessed souls would be mocked and discouraged by My own, from within My House; they would be determined and ever so ready to condemn Me; in spite of themselves they are condemning Me in the presence of men, when they are denying My Gifts; when My Blessings were welcomed, the words I would hear from My own to those who would tell them of My call, would be these words: “open your ears, son, for it could indeed be God calling you”; let My creation read Samuel’s1 call again; those were the Virtuous Days when blessings were welcomed;

I wish I could say today upon you creation: “Era of little Faith”, as before, but I can only say this of you today: “O Era of No-Faith at all”!

daughter, I am weary; let Me rest in your heart, child;

O Come Lord!

we, us?

Yes, Lord.

(Jesus seemed very sad and so tired.)


Yes, Lord.

(God is sad, for so many would put the Devil first before Him. St. Teresa of Avila says: “I do not understand these fears. ‘Oh, the devil, the devil!’ we say, when we might be saying, ‘God! God!’ and make the devil tremble.” Today this is happening a lot, we put the devil first. Then there would be those who would mock and say: “Go, my dear, and have yourself examined. We have good doctors today.” – Or those who would boast about their knowledge of Parapsychology, because for them, calls from God are ‘outdated‘. – But the worst of all things in God’s Eyes is: Hypocrisy. It is the diplomatic answer, which is neither yes nor no. They would be as Pilate, they would simply wash their hands, as Pilate did for our Lord. Do you know why? Because Faith is missing.)