March 10, 1988


I am; peace be with you; are you willing to continue working for Me, Vassula?

I’m willing to continue, yes, if it is the Lord’s wish.

I am the Lord, little one; it is I, Jesus, who feeds you; I wish you to embellish My garden; I wish you to revive My Church; follow Me and I will act in you, through you; satisfy My thirst;

altar! keep My Flame ablaze to warm these icy winds which penetrated My children’s hearts; O era, you have fallen as low as Sodom! and your breed is a breed of Cains! so few are like Abel; your era has grown coarse at heart; do you know why, creation? because Love is missing among you; you have forgotten Me and you disbelieve in My Providential Works of today;

yes, creation … dead are the virtuous days when blessings were welcomed; Era of Wretchedness, I will revive you! I will pour into your dead hearts My Sap which will heal you! Oh how I love you all!


Yes, Lord.

(God sounded hurt and sad. He could, if He was not All Merciful and Tender, have struck us easily and finish us off. But out of His Boundless Mercy and His Limitless Love, He pities us, forgives us and will heal us.)

yes, I love you all in spite of what you have become; will I ever abandon you? never!