March 1, 1988


I am;

(I saw Jesus standing near me.)

every time you see Me, smile at Me; yes, flower, remain near your Saviour; come, let us pray to the Father;

“behold Father,
what You have in Your sight,
You have Wretchedness,
forgive me Father,
for I am not worthy to have been given all those graces,
I merit nothing for I am Nothing,
allow this Nothing to lean on You
in Your fathomless Goodness,
I love You Beloved Father
in spite of my wretchedness and nothingness,
I need Your Strength to be able and work
and fulfil all that must be fulfilled with Your Grace,

ah Vassula, seek all My Virtues, follow them and grow in them; I, the Lord, love you in spite of your nothingness; lean on Me in all times, I will support you fully; trust Me and allow Me to guide you blindly till the end; I will at times place My Cross on your shoulders to bear; I and you, you and I, I will rest in you and you in Me; I Am All Faithful and will never abandon you, ever!

please Me more by devoting your soul entirely for My Works, you must keep true to your vow, your vow of fidelity; yes! O how I sought from you these words, I longed to hear from you these words,

Lord help me to keep my vow,
I do not trust myself!

do not fear, I will always remind you since I know of your ineffable weakness; you are frail but I will annihilate your weakness by My Strength; remember My Presence; we, us, at all times, for ever and ever;

love, hope and have faith; I, the Lord Jesus Christ, will never abandon you;