February 20, 1988

Love is near you; daughter, encounter Me in the beginning of My tribulations; My time is drawing near; I seek in you a sacrifice; meditate and fast;

Vassula, learn from Fretheriki, her ways please Me; 1 learn how to honour My tribulations, then come and behold your Saviour on the Cross; satisfy Me by meditating, fasting; live in My Wounds; reveal to all the time of My Passion; reveal to them the correct hour of My Crucifixion; let there be peace among you;

(The Lord last year gave me the correct date: as the ‘Orthodox’ follow It, with the Orthodox calendar.)

let there be Peace now among you; now you all know;

call Me, Vassula, more often; remember My Presence, satisfy Me; I love you;

I love You, Lord


(God allowed me to visit Rhodos again. Those who knew of the revelations invited me to meet others. People listened, understood and praised the Lord for His Mercy. Many got private messages from the Lord. The group got bigger per day, many returning to God, praising Him. I spent my days meeting people, giving the messages; converting and healing was abundant. Those who wished to follow the program of visiting Churches and Chapels did so with me. We went even out of town to Chapels on the hills.

Pater Yanni announced the revelation in his Church, to all attending. That was on February 24, at Sts Anaryiroi. In the afternoon on the same day I was invited to St. Nicola Church and Pater Vassili allowed me and the whole group who knew and followed the revelation (around 12 ladies, their husbands who also follow were at work then) to announce it in his Church, and one of the ladies read one of God’s messages from notebook 8.

May God work in them now.)

1 The manner she observes fasting.