December 31, 1987

My God, I am praying that the churches will believe in Your Message!

Vassula, to believe in Me is a grace given by Me, 1

hear Me, Vassula: you will speak from My Mouth and will speak of the tribulations that My Church will undergo; this revelation is My Voice; recognise the Signs of the Times; accept My Message, taste My Message, eat My Message; woe for the unfaithful;

(Later on:)

little one, do you love Me?

I adore You endlessly, Lord.

yes, Vassula, love Me; make up for your past; make up for those who do not love Me; flower, every flower needs light knowing what effect it has on its petals; daughter, will you repent?

(I repented of my old sins and the present ones, as He was preparing me to receive Holy Communion.)

resent all these things from the depths of your soul; resent impurity2 for this was the vice of Sodom;

1 One has to pray and ask God for this grace.
2 Impurity of the soul.