January 1, 1988

My God.

I Am; take My Hand, take now My other Hand and walk!

(This was once before said, giving me the same vision of God taking both of my hands when I was supposed to go forward into a new theme.)

walk! walk, beloved, advance! do not fear; I have nominated you My bearer not only for one part of My creation, but the entire;

Vassula, wait and you shall see; I have not yet come close enough to the middle of My Message; I can work without you, Vassula, but I delight sharing My Works with you, flower; I am God and I Suffice by Myself; every new step you take, I bless, so advance, beloved, advance with Me, go forward;

Lord Almighty, help me to advance since it’s Your Will. I can’t alone. As usual I will ask You to carry me. I’m incapable of whatsoever.

Vassula, I will help you, for I am your Strength;