December 23, 1987

My God, the Protestants will be shocked!

(I couldn’t get over it.)

Vassula, I have been waiting years for them to change; now leave Me free to write down My desires;

But they will be shocked!

Listen, can one hear Me only when it is convenient for him, then shut his ears when what I say does not suit him?

They’ll reject outright then the whole thing! Since they will not be able to select parts. They’ll claim it’s not You speaking.

if they do they would be then disowning Me as their God;

Lord, may I dare say that this is hard on them? They will not feel they are disowning You, they are after all loving You and they do worship You, Lord.

Vassula, I have come to unite you all; would any disciple of Mine deny My appeal?

No, not if they are sincere, Lord

with this statement you gave Me, hangs all what there is to say: “if they are sincere…” then they will listen;

I come to shine on you all and enlighten you to be able to unite you; but, Vassula, to My great sorrow there will be those who would prefer darkness to the Light because their deeds are evil, they would refuse to come under My Light for fear of exposing their deeds, but My devoted ones and those that sincerely acknowledge My Works and follow Me will come under My Light, exposing without fear their deeds, because they will show that what they do is done in Me their God;

I have said that if you make My Word your home, you will indeed be My disciples; you will learn the Truth and the Truth will make you free; and now, I say to you this: if you give credit to My Word of today, you will indeed be My disciples; you will learn Sincerity in the Truth and the Truth will free you and enable you to unite in Love and Glorify Me;

I come to you all, with My Heart in My Hand, offering It to you, but in spite of My appeal many would reject Me, disowning Me as God because their hearts have hardened; if they loved Me they would listen to My appeal; if they refuse to listen, it is because I have lost them as children; their wisdom has blinded them; but I tell you truly, the sheep that belong to Me will recognise My Voice; those that would not recognise My Voice are no sheep of Mine because they do not believe in My Omnipotency;

do you know why My lambs are scattered and My Body maimed? do you know why disharmony reigns in My Church? it is because they have been walking at night without any light to guide them; seek Me who am the Light and I will guide you, cast away your bigotry and your obduracy; be meek and humble; open your hearts and let My Sap fill you up; I am your Good Shepherd who loves you;

Vassula, talk to me; treat Me as your Holy Companion;

I will My God, I love You Lord. I wish to glorify Your Name, Lord.

beloved, My Name I have glorified and I will glorify It again; My reign will be forever;

come, courage, daughter, I am with you;