December 21, 1987

My God, Righteous One, even in my nothingness and in this great incapacity I have, my desires have been implanted in me by You. They are Your desires. I desire that Your Name be Glorified and that Your lambs assembled again recognising You, recognising our Heavenly Mother, that Her Reign will last forever, overcoming Evil. I seek only Your interests …

yes Vassula, seek My interests only, be real, not just a façade of holiness like some are; I, the Lord, know them, no matter how hard they try to appear like Abel, they do not deceive Me; wearing a mask will not help conceal their identity, I tell you truly, I will point out to you this time those deceivers; I will come to them in an unexpected hour; why have in My House Cains? seeking only their interests and not Mine? I will, with Heavenly Strength, unmask them; I will unveil what is hidden; do not fear, beloved, My Church, I will clean; I will sweep away all those that obstruct The Way to Divine Love and from entering into My Sacred Heart; you see, Vassula, My Cup tastes bitter, the world is offending Me beloved; those Cains are blocking the Way, obstructing It with enormous blocks, blocking the passage for My lambs to come to Me; their hands are empty, they have nothing to offer My lambs, not anymore; Vassula, blessed of My Soul, follow Me; I will guide you, do not despair, will I ever abandon you now?

No, Lord, I’m clinging on You, Beloved Father.

here take My Hand, never leave It, accept all that comes from Me;