November 24, 1987

Vassula, I will make you read the words that I said to Margaret Mary; 1 I said: “I will reign in spite of My enemies and all those who try to oppose Me” so be confident, beloved ones;

Vassula, I would like you to design once more how the Holy Trinity is,

Yes, Lord. (This is after a vision once the Lord gave to me when I had problems of understanding.)

(A vision of Light, one coming out of the other. Then one light coming out then another one, making three. When the Son is in the Father, then they are one. The Holy Trinity is one and the same. They can be three, but all three can be one. Result, one God. God is in three Persons, and one in the unity of essence.)

1 Editor’s note: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-90), French Visitation sister who had visions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.