November 23, 1987

(Having been to Lyon I’ve talked to the Catholic theologian. He together with his wife did not quite understand my detachment from this world. He said I had responsibilities. I said yes, but I put God first. Then he could not understand either that God even detached my soul. He wasn’t agreeing. (Was not Abraham ready to sacrifice his own son?))

little one, I love you to folly; Love has no limits and I wish you to love Me too to folly; My intention is to stretch your love; I intend to make you love Me by showing Me no limits; I delight to check1 on your loyalty towards Me; I delight to hear you honour Me; now you sacrifice for Me, but your sacrifice will not be in vain either; give yourself unreservedly to Me; please Me by being pliant, allowing Me, child, to treat you as I please; soul, never fear Me, I am Love; 2

Many, Lord, do not seem to understand me either when I desire to be with You, and that death is but a delivery.

beloved, be holy, stay holy and Divine Love will carry you still higher; fear not, My well-beloved; lean on Me, be loyal to Me, loving Me your God with all your soul and heart, with all your mind and strength; remember how I lean towards you, to reach for your soul;

1 Like He checked on Abraham.
2 That means that God will never ask something that will hurt our soul.