November 22, 1987

Vassula, the wind is blowing, becoming stronger every day; it blows on this wilderness that My creation has become, sweeping the desert-sands, bringing it closer and closer to the little fertile land that is left; already it has covered part of it, outspread like a veil over it, if we do not hurry little one, soon there will be nothing left but wilderness;

Lord, please be patient for I’m slow to learn.

flower, remember how long I was outside your door? have I not been patient all these years?

Jesus, why didn’t I hear you all these years?

because you were deceived by the world, you belonged to Me from the beginning, but the world deceived you, convincing you to believe you belonged to them; that is how treacherous and deceitful Satan is; today his work is to convince My creation that he is non-existent; in this way he works without being feared and like lambs, My creation is trapped and devoured by the wolf; this is his plan of today;