November 21, 1987

Vassula, I will bring back to Peter My scattered sheep; I, the Lord, guarantee this to you all!

(Suddenly the Lord gave me a vision of sheep still apart, another flock, then later on these too were united.)

flower, this will come after My Great Sign!

Father, forgive my impatience, I have to learn to be patient like You!

little one, exalted by My Hand, draw from My resources and fill up your heart; imbue it to be able to impregnate other hearts too; I, the Lord, bless you; visions I will give to you, I am enriching your sight to discern men’s hearts and be able to read them; My well-beloved, I offer you this grace, but remember, you will only use it for My interests and My glory, retaining nothing for yourself;

Jesus, well-Beloved, My God, who never stops pouring Your gifts on me to be near You. Jesus, I am the zero and yet You pour on me so many gifts; what then would You not do and give to those who are really pleasing in Your eyes, honouring You?

yes, you see, Vassula, you seem now to understand Me better; if I give to you, who is indeed the most wretched of My creatures, what would I then not give to those who truly merit My graces, those who honour Me and those who sacrifice for Me!

ask, beloved ones, and I will give you, believe in what you ask, have confidence and trust Me, do not be like Peter who lost his confidence while walking on the water; have faith in Me! be confident! believe!