November 18, 1987

My God, since the day You revealed Your secret intention to me, I fear. I am afraid to proceed. I fear, sensing that trouble lies ahead. It’s like You, before entering in Jerusalem. You knew what trouble lay ahead.

My Message fulfils My Word; you are to proceed, whether you will be rejected or not, you will accomplish your work; I am before you;

little one, stay meaningless so that I may appear fully; the less you will be, the more I Am; let Me proceed, let Me be the one who acts and speaks;

yes, little one, they1 will all have to bend to unite, I will be coming humbly, bare-foot; I am not coming loaded with weapons; I will bring back to Peter My sheep; I will unite them and Peter will feed My lambs; I, the Lord, have spoken; trust Me, beloved ones; I love you all with all My Heart;

1 The different churches.