October 12, 1987

(While visiting somebody, I found a magazine of science which promote the scientific resolutions of thought and discouraging any spiritual work. Nowadays every supernatural thing has its ‘natural’ explanation. Words like, double personality, ESP, subconscious, suggestion of thought, hypnosis, or mass hypnosis, or auto-suggestion. e.g. for the stigmatics it can be explained by auto-suggestion, thus self-imposed, schizophrenia, or sex-complexes. People seem to want to find always a logical explanation. There would have been no big prophets like Isaiah these days because their case would go into scientific files. There would be soon no saints with stigmatas without classifying them as schizos and self induced by auto-suggestion and hysteria. For me it appears that they are trying to compete with God and prove that they can prove to Him He is not Omnipotent.)

Oh God, why?

Vassula, numerous are those that do not believe in Me;

But I ask You one thing, I really mean it. I ask You to destroy all these theories and teachings that try to wipe You out. They are Your enemies. Why let it multiply? Destroy it, otherwise it will destroy our faith. Please do it. 1

I will; hear Me, grieve not, never doubt, have faith; never weary of writing, beloved; this is why I come; it is because I cannot see you lost; do you now understand, Vassula; little one I will never see you fall;

What about the others, I don’t want to see the others fall either. I desire You to support them as much as You support me.

Vassula, I will help all of you;

(God seemed pleased.)

Oh God, forgive me for demanding things, I’m impulsive but I can’t bear injustice. Forgive me for being so direct.

I forgive you, child; say it;

(I had other things in mind.)

I must tell You that as it is right now, these people will not be convinced to their dying last breath, at the most they will file it under the word UNEXPLAINED; but would not say, “Well then this or that comes from God.”

I will convince them; My power is beyond theirs, I will show to you all that I am Omnipotent; My Omnipotency will be seen wherever you may be; no eye will be able to deny it, no man will deny that this sign comes from Me; 2 beloved, how will their theories appear then? 3 how will their men of science feel? what will happen to all their wisdom? I will show to them how their wisdom appears in the face of My Wisdom;

I will efface from this world what they believe is wisdom; this is one of the reasons I use you engraving My words on you, to be able and foretell My Plan; I the Lord Am, I was and will always be and it is not up to you to look at Me as not; I Am;

O beloved God whom I adore, I wish that this plan is for now, today, or next week!

I will fulfil My Plan Vassula, as I have always fulfilled everything I started;
little one let us pray,

“beloved Father
I love you, I bless You,
I thank you for Your Mercy,
make me worthy of you
so that You are able to use me fully,
use me as You wish,
I love you,

beloved, I bless you; look at Me;

(I looked.)

You are smiling. 4

write it;

And You are showing me Your dimples when You smile.

I love you;

I love You, Lord.

1 I had found myself telling God what to do, it was beyond my strength.
2 Will this be a sign in heaven one day?
3 God did not reply.
4 I hesitated writing the rest.