October 1, 1987

(Morning. I had been occupied all morning with a visitor here who was trying to sell me cosmetic products. It was all unnecessary as it was all a waste of time. But she was sent by a friend of mine.)

little one, I love you to distraction; I am your well-Beloved; why Vassula? do not withdraw from Me! you are guessing correctly; 1 My love is again inflamed and when It is, I allow Myself to demand love; I desire you to live for Me only; I want you to fix your eyes on Me; look at Me, love Me, fragrance Me, adorn Me, bless Me, desire Me, breathe for Me, smile only for Me, tell Me how much you love Me your God, seek to bring others to Me, satisfy My insatiable thirst; I am thirsty Vassula! I thirst for love, I thirst for souls; Vassula, why bring Me rivals, do not bring any more rivals, do not! eulogise Me, I have given you abundantly, will you not gratify Me for all I am giving you?

I have walked with you in My garden of delights, we shared its beauty; I have shared My joys and sufferings with you; I have laid My Cross on you, we are sharing It together, sharing Its anguishes, sorrows and pain, we share Its Love; have I not lifted you to My breast feeding you, healing you? I have taken you as My bride sharing My Cross as our matrimonial bed; will you look at Me?

(I looked at Jesus’ face.)

could I ever abandon you flower? I am He who loves you most; remain near Me; here, 2 listen, I will tighten our bonds even more now; I want you closer, I want you one with Me; who was first to hold you?

How, Lord?

I was first to consecrate you and lay eyes on you; Vassula I have created you for Myself; let Me remind you who you are, you are nothing else but dust and ashes and it is out of My immense pity I lifted you to life from among the dead; remember always this;

(The pastor came and I showed him the revelation. To start with he did not believe. 3 Then he denied St. Mary as our Holy Mother and never heard of apparitions. He did not believe in any Spiritual Works. He is against Holy pictures. He probably thought I was not normal.)

Vassula, I am Wealthy, but very few know of My Riches! when I was in flesh, have I not been despised, have I not been looked upon with contempt, have I not been called a blasphemer? have I not been rejected as the stone rejected by the builders that became the keystone?

honour Me by accepting contempt, mortification, humble yourself, be like Me, remember? have I not said that you are to serve Me among wretchedness, 4 have I not said that you will have no rest? accept what I offer you, fear not of mortifying yourself;

I will leave two drops of Blood from My Bleeding Heart5 on your heart covering it entirely; hallowed by My Hand, live under My Light, learn to be rebuffed;

(I felt St. Mary near me.)

St. Mary?

light a candle for Me, Vassula, and repair his fault; 6 ask Jesus to forgive him; would you do this for Me?

I will, St. Mary.

amend, beloved; do not doubt of Jesus’ Works; honour us;

I will, St. Mary.

1 I could feel Jesus’ Heart inflamed again, overflowing with love.
2 It was as if He had a sudden idea, stopped, pointing at our ankles which I saw tied to each other.
3 Later in the years, I found out he was an evangelist. At that time I still did not know the differences.
4 Editor’s note: see the message of May 23, 1987.
5 Jesus saying to me this seemed to be very sad. My pain was nothing compared to His. I wanted to console His pain forgetting my pain.
6 For rejecting Her.