September 26, 1987

Vassula, let us deliver a soul, very dear to Me, who is very near Satan’s flame; she does not realise his insidious game he has laid for her;

Who is this soul, Lord?

she is one of My brides;

A nun?

yes, a nun, she has neglected Me, taken by her vanity; beloved, bring her back to Me with your love; I love her; love Me and she will be delivered; Vassula, these Works are mysterious to you and to many, but believe Me, I am Jesus and Wisdom; now you will bless Me; feel Me, it glorifies Me; all will be done according to My plan;

Jesus! It’s SO wonderful to be with You in this way!!


It’s wonderful, marvellous!!

Vassula, will I ever abandon you? 1 love Me, amend for others whose hearts became icy-cold towards Me; altar, live for Me, replenish your flame from Mine altar! never forget how much I love you; stay ablaze, enkindle hearts, quench My thirst,

Beloved Jesus, keep me near You for without You, I’m lost.

near Me you will stay, have you forgotten our links? you are bonded to Me with eternal bonds;

Thank You, Lord, for taking care of me, the zero of zeros, the one who denied You.

I have been denied even by Peter, but on him I laid My first foundations of My Church, have you forgotten? I am the Lord, who loves you ineffably, and upon you, soul, I have engraved My Words; I am your Strength; keep Me in your heart now and forever;

I shall, Lord. I’ll keep faithful.

come, let us share this day; be my companion;

1 When He says this I almost die each time. God can have this tone only.