September 20, 1987

daughter, by now you must have understood how I work; believe, My Vassula, for in you I will breathe many more revelations; abandon yourself entirely to Me and let My finger imprint on you My Word; come, little one, and caress Me;

Yes, Lord.

(By this Jesus means to caress Him on His big portrait I have from the Holy Shroud. It is in my habit while I meditate and talk to Him to often stretch my hand on His portrait caressing His Wounds and as if I want to wipe away the streaks of blood, soothing Him. This I do without thinking because of my meditation, which absorbs me entirely.)

Vassula, Garabandal’s apparitions of Myself and My Mother should be authenticated; hear Me, Vassula, every time My Mother appeared to My chosen souls illuminating them with Her grace, I stood beside Her, but no eye could see Me; I sometimes appeared as an infant to bless those that glorified Me;

daughter, I wish that these places of apparitions are honoured more; I wish that the Holy See would honour Me by blessing those Sacred places; Vassula, I do not mean Lourdes and Fatima, I mean Garabandal as well; I come to glorify Garabandal’s apparitions;

I wish to see My Holy See there and bless that place, rectifying all that has been distorted and wrongly proclaimed by My sacerdotal souls who wound Me, lift the doubts and efface the abuses given by those who defied the apparitions, would My Holy See do this for Me?

Lord My God, how will they know all this?

leave, Vassula, this work for Me; I will find a way of letting them know; daughter, I wish that each time I give them a sign of My Presence, no matter how small, I wish that My Holy See glorifies My sign by blessing it; I want the world to know of My Presence, of My Riches, of My Mercy and of My Heavenly Works; I wish that My Holy See propound My given signs in larger scale, feeding the world; I want My land fertile; do not let them pluck the few flowers left; I want this wilderness irrigated, who will water My garden? why do they neglect My flowers?

Beloved Jesus, if I’m not mistaken, it took them seven years to confirm your miracle of Fatima. My God, I can see refusals, rebukes, difficulties of accepting.

flower, do not grieve; let Me help you; Vassula, I always reach My goals;