September 21, 1987

My God, how much I want everyone to love You and turn to You, recognising You.

O daughter, how much I want this too!

(God seemed longing for this to happen!)

How I wish that the world realises that You are among us ever so present. How much You love us, how I wish that they realise we are only passing by on earth, and that you are waiting for us, how I wish that they love one another, stop their hatred and egoism, live for one another, care for one another, worship You our Father, unite, how I wish them to believe in Your signs and not hide them away thinking they are making You a favour. How I wish they realised how wrong they are and see your Riches!

Vassula, your desires are given by Me to you; they are infiltrating in you I will keep My Flame ablaze in you, altar, forever; diffuse My words, “I, the Lord, bless My children of Garabandal”

Lord, I diffuse in the capacity I have. I need channels to diffuse it broader.

Vassula, I have given you witnesses;

You mean my friends?

others too;

You mean from the Church, the priests?

yes, Vassula, they are your witnesses;

Yes, Lord.

let Me engrave My words on you;

Jesus, I just remembered, there is this man who doesn’t believe at all it’s from You, the revelation. It’s the first one.

I know;

But why?

for the simple reason that he is wise;

Oh My God, I have so many desires!

just ask Me;

Just ask?

yes, beloved, ask;



I desire a change, My God, for the better. I desire that their hearts get enflamed with love for You and that billions worship You adoring You, all on their knees. I wish them to feel like I feel, how much You love us, and how near You are to us and how close we can be with You; a Father, a Friend, a God everything in one. Couldn’t You shine Your Light on them and wake them up as You did with me? I want them to share the same happiness and closeness I have with You. Please, Father, they are also Your children.

Vassula, all will be done; I will guide many back to Me, despite their wickedness, I will help them; weary not of striving with your God;

we, us?

Yes, Lord.