September 15, 1987

Jesus, I can’t stand to have them wound You constantly. Hurry and let those thorns out!

O daughter, I will point them out to you, one after the other, I will tell you where they are placed and with My Strength you will pluck out one by one; and instead of those thorns that wounded Me, I will let you offer Me only flowers from My garden of delights; for they have been growing under My Light, exhaling on earth their sweet fragrance, embellishing My garden; within My Heart and in Its most intimate depths, I still have the lance’s blade; Vassula, this too will be removed; with My Power I will pull it out; I will not spare them this time!

unite My lambs and tell them that, “I, the Lord, bless them”

September 17, 1987

Vassula, I am sending you to him1 so that he hears of My Message; will you ask him to receive you? will you ask him to guide you? 2

(In an instant I suddenly saw in a vision given by the Lord, the demons who roam earth, overthrown! It was as if the dry soil they were standing upon, shook and cracked, lifted itself upward like a fist, overthrowing them and helplessly fell backward, powerless.)

I come to unite My children and bless them;

September 18, 1987

(This Friday I met the Greek priest inside the Greek Orthodox church. I told him everything. He listened, accepting all that I said. He wants to study now the revelation.)

1 The Greek Orthodox priest, Alexanthros.

2 There God means, advise me.