August 24, 1987

Vassula, repent! 1

I forgive your sins; now I want you to praise Me! 2 Vassula say: “Glory be to God Almighty”; do you know who I am?

You are the Alpha and Omega, Creator of all.

you said well, My child; now I tell you this: blessed are those who will read My Message and believe I wrote it, without having seen Me writing it; blessed are those who hear My Message and follow it; blessed are those that unite and propound peace and love; diffuse My Message, diffuse My Peace and let it reign in all Hearts, never doubt of My Love;

How do you want me to diffuse, how could I do anything? I am helpless.

wait Vassula and you shall see; I will help you; come, us, we?

Yes My God. Us, we.

1 I repented.
2 I hesitated finding the right words.