August 25, 1987

remember, My child, the love I have for you; Vassula, little one, I have blessed the red cross you are wearing around your neck; believe! believe in My heavenly Works, Vassula;

My God! Thank You. The more You give me the more I feel I deserve less and less.

I love you; come, keep close to Me, I like to hear you say the things I told you, about My Presence and about other things too; teaching Ismini, live for Me, glorify Me;

Sometimes, Lord, I feel less Your presence, thinking, “Now God is not so near me.” Why is this, Lord?

erroneously you believe I am not near enough, whereas these moments I am as close to you as one can be; alone you are not, NEVER!

(Suddenly I discerned Him so clearly. He proved to me with certain gestures of His, His so alive Presence! It went on for a few minutes. It was wonderful!)

all is spiritual;

(By this I understood all is supernatural, impossible to comprehend if you place these actions in the physical state. It is not physical, thus not possible to explain it physically. These are placed in the supernatural sphere and not in our realism sphere.)

many of you tend to forget that I am Spirit1 and that you too are spirit;