August 4, 1987

(Back in Switzerland)

(I’m almost fearing what I think is happening, is this the insight God talked about last week?)

My God?

I am, beloved;

Am I understanding You correctly, Lord?

you are! Love will make out of you, a mirror of reflections and agonies attuned to all those who suffer; you will feel their agonies and sufferings as though they were your own;

when you will hear or see any sufferings, or if someone is in great pain, I, the Lord, will offer you this grace of feeling these pains as much as the one who is suffering; thus you will be able to penetrate fully in their wounds and have a clear conception of their feelings;

Vassula, beloved, with this insight I am giving you, you will be of tremendous help to them; suffer when they suffer; and if you deny them, I will remind you all the time, you will share their sufferings;

O My God, will my system take all this? Not that my spirit fears, but my flesh is weak …

remember, I will give you enough strength for both your soul and flesh till the end; believe Me, this is a grace, little one; love My children as much as I love them; be My reflection, synchronise with Me and them; I love you and out of Sublime Love I am giving you this grace; tire not, come, I will infuse you with My Love by giving you My Nails; feel all sufferings; daughter will you do all this for Me?

Yes My God, if this is Your wish.

come, Love will guide you;

(I have suspected this, and here is why:-

Three days ago on the TV news, they showed two kids who died trapped underground. I felt sorry for the kids and the parents. I prayed for the parents. The following day they showed a tornado in Canada and terrified people talking about it, still afraid. The same night I prayed for them too. I felt sorry but not as if I’m in their skin. Suddenly, God threw His piercing Ray on me, I felt It piercing my chest and going out through my back. It burnt me and gave me such agony that I wanted to run and drink water, it was as if I was ablaze! Then, later on, as I slept, He gave me a vivid image of how I should have felt. In my dream my own son died. I woke up from agony and God told me while I’m in this terrible agony I should immediately pray for the parents that lost their kids. I prayed fervently like they were my own. I slept, and immediately God again gave me an image of myself being caught in the tornado. I went through desperate fears of death. He woke me up again and told me to pray for those who experienced this. I prayed fervently as I was still under a vivid image of the disaster.)