August 5, 1987


egho imei; 1

Thank you for this grace. Although I know it’s meant for feeding others too, it’s with me.

for timeless hours you and I will be together; Vassula, have I not said that the wise will not understand what comes from the Spirit? philosophy cannot be compared to spirituality, never; that is one of the main reasons why all those in power and who call themselves wise will mock you, will scorn you, will deject you, will scrutinise you; so be prepared, beloved, for the wolves to hound you; do not fear, I will be near you;

(I sighed.)

all, Vassula, is but a passing shadow; do not get discouraged; I will be near you;

(Then I remembered how I feel unfit to be out in exile, and how I dislike it. What I thought was amusing in my past life is a pain now, and I can’t like these things any more, I can’t stand them … I’m a misfit.)

I know, lean on Me;

(I felt desperate.)

Vassula, Vassula, no, you cannot enjoy these earthly solicitudes as before for this is My will; I do not want you to bear those things;


I am; look into My Hands; look, Vassula they are bleeding; Vassula, revive My Church; hear Me, have you seen all this blood streaking down My arms? I suffer;

Lord, why do You give so much pain showing me all this?

(The vision was so vivid, I thought His Blood will drop on this note-book.)

to let you understand how I suffer, beloved, seeing so many souls under Satan’s power; let Me use you till the end;

I love You.

be with Me; “us,” I will always remind you; we; 2 love Me;

1 That is: ‘I am’, in Greek.
2 In saying “we”, He indicated it with His index as a Teacher talking.