January 15, 2023

my God, You are within all things You have created, yet this does not mean that You are not from without (outside) all things; You are present everywhere, yet unseen by the naked eye

My child! hear Me: look at yourself…I, who am Uncreated and Inaccessible, still have come to you mere creature, to reveal My Holy Countenance and through you to many others; I have united you to Me with bonds of love and I live in your soul alone;   have I not approached you in this ineffable manner? seen Me with your spirit but hidden by your naked eye? heard Me through My Holy Spirit yet unheard by your physical ear?

I know that no man can describe You claiming they have reached the Inconceivable, the Inaccessible, still, somehow mysteriously You made me blind to this world in exchange of giving me sight to the Invisible world; no one can describe God and yet You came presenting Yourself to me as our Father! others have experienced You as El Shaddai, others as a Fire, and  others as Light and so on, but to us in our Times You show Yourself as a Father; Your desire is that we get to Know You intimately and Understand Your fatherly affection; You value these two things so much! 1 and so, I pray that Your desires be accomplished and that every creature will get to know You and understand You;

come: the more you enter Me in My center, your God, all the more you will understand Me and all the more you will know Me; you will understand My Motives and My Will; so pray, My loved one and understanding will be given to you; entreat Me with love and the Spirit of Wisdom will come upon you to let you know Me as well;  be kin to Wisdom and I will bless you in giving you this Gift who is the Consort of My Throne, so come then, and cultivate Her, for She is your Home;

welcome Me as your Father so that you become My child and share 2 My Kingdom and your Home; do not moan and groan remaining listless; Wisdom is accessible to every virtuous heart; discover Me, My child, and do not fail to recognize Me; are you in search of Me, your God? are you eager to find Me? come branch of the Vine, come out of your cocoon, and I will teach you to live an untarnished life; I have created you to make you all into gods by participation, adoptive sons and daughter of the Most High;

remember how all the saints have become gods by adoption? this is why I have been teaching you to die to yourself and humble yourself to obtain thus the humility needed to deify you; all of you are destined to become My associates and to rule and reign with Me; however, this gift cannot be given unless a transformation takes place in your soul; by nature you are all corruptible yet I can render each one of you incorruptible if you allowed Me; you see, My child, the deified ones will be able to see Me as their Father; led by the Spirit they will behold their Creator and true Father; this is My desire, to allow everyone partake of My Divinity; then you may ask, ‘what does one gain knowing God?’ to know Me you will be seduced by My Greatness of My love which you will never forget; you will then gain Life; this is what you will gain;

to you, in these days, I come as a mother that teaches her child manners with instruction, I too am coming to discipline you and show you that I am your superb Heritage and to turn your eyes and fix them on what is right and not hurtful to your soul; I come to stop you from paying homage to worthless things;

as for the gift of Understanding Me, this gift will brighten your soul, for the Holy Spirit who loves to share His Knowledge with you will be the One who will give you this Gift to understand Me and what is best to cherish in your life while on earth; He will bring you to understand that you would value a denial of all worldly riches a denial of earthly glory and power, all of these would lose their brilliance in your eyes and they will become distasteful to you, for the Holy Spirit will give you a perception far beyond this, that what counts is to be able to approach Me your God and live in Me; your understanding of Me will progress and the more profound you enter Me, as I said before, all the more clear will be your understanding of Me; and all the more joy and love and peace your soul will obtain from the fragrance of My Heart, then, nothing in this world will disturb the peace you obtained in your soul, so My dearest, have your mind fixed on Me, your God, and it will contain naught save Me;

so many of you today are passing through tribulations 3 because, My dear beloved children, in this sinful state your soul is in, you are victims to a materialistic world, that does not give you peace, nor joy, nor love; you have no power to fulfill alone all what I ask, this is why, one more reason, I am descending to you in this manner in your Times to reveal My Holy Countenance, to school you with Tenderness; the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, is your Teacher today and through Him you will know and understand Me your God; and I will help all of you by Grace…

hear Me: My child, do you remember how I had said that I shall bind you to Me with bonds of Love? those bonds are everlasting bonds!

and I am so happy about this!!!

have you got anything you want to tell Me?

yes, I have

 whatever you wish to tell Me, let it be beneficiary and befitting for My people, to increase their faith and hope and love in Me;

Yahweh, You are an Almighty King, great in Your Glory; first I want to thank You with all my heart for having heard what I said to You during the Holy Liturgy; yes, in the presence of Your Angels; but now


already I am falling short of words

 allow Me to help you….

 may Your Hand be there to help me

now write; 4

when I am in trouble finding words to express my thoughts,
I call on You and You answer me;
I can say, “help comes to me from Yahweh,” who made the entire cosmos; this is what I would like to pass on to everyone, a testimony;
a persuasive testimony that I had already addressed it
in most of my assemblies;
yet, when I do so, I feel that my testimony is never complete
and even now I am not sure I could say, it will be complete and thorough,
because how can one describe You,
my Eternal God, when You visit one of us?

the Glory of God appeared to me several times,
even in one event with escarchas 5,
I, who am only a mere creature of flesh,
an exile still treading on this earth;
You, the Almighty One showed visibly Your Glory to me that day,
and in this Majestic encounter,
my soul awestruck at God’s Presence
wiped off my stains and clothed me with joy;
the Creator whose splendour and brilliance,
power and beauty, that surpasses all marvels
known and unknown was suddenly with me;
here was He, the Alpha and the Omega,
with no pre-notice You stepped in silence in my room that day,
a place too small to contain You, right beside me!
You, the Alpha and Omega who contain all the universe within You descended from Your Royal Throne,
leaving Crown and Sceptre of Your Kingship
and all Your Glory behind, to come and visit me in my room?

You stooped to me to make me hear Your Word
that while It unfolded it gave me Light in my soul;
tenderly You opened my spiritual ear to hear Your Words;
how blessed are those that hear Your Voice!
Gracefulness is a dew upon Your Lips,
Majesty and Splendour shines on me;
Your Presence renewed within me a resolute spirit,
so, I made no resistance, neither did I fear or run away,
for in Your loving Presence and Fatherly tenderness
You captured my heart, at the sight of Yahweh,
at which I attended fervently and still bewildered,
I rejoiced and cried out: “ah! now Yahweh can save us from our misery 6
and come to our help to this miserable world, remember?

I do! and I responded, “do you believe I could help you?”

and I said, ‘yes! You can;’ 

I asked you, ‘why?’

and I simply said: ‘because You are God!’ and then You kept silent for a few seconds

I did, but I had to, because My Salvific Plan was to raise you, and write down all what I had reserved for your Times for this dying era and offer Celestial Food to the starved; liberate prisoners from the bondage of sin, make Heaven approach the earth, give justice to those who were denied; heal broken hearts and to remind them of their true Foundation and that I am their Father! then I approached you closer to lift your eyes towards Me so that your soul recognizes Me, and remind you and others that your Home is in Heaven and nowhere else;

I am your Home…

You tore open the veils covering my eyes,
You dusted away my memory and only upon hearing Your Word,
torrents of mire were washed away from my vision,
and I embraced Your Words that reminded me that I was Yours,
and no one else’s, that I descended from You,
that I came from You, that I was Your seed and that I belonged to You!

puny creatures that we are, we have a stupendous Father,
and yet so many have forgotten who fathered them!

then I tasted Your Sweetness and Your Paternal Love,
that stupefied me of how intimate You were with me,
and since then You became my Song to sing in Your Assemblies,
to guide with Your help nations and lead them
in the Royal House of Yahweh and in the Heart of Yahweh!

the Heavens and all the Choir of Angels declared then Your Glory:
“here is Yahweh Sabaoth descending from the Vault of Heaven
to meet His offspring and like a Bridegroom to wed them,7
here He comes as well as a Father, the Most Holy One,
delighting to meet His offspring and give Light in their eyes,
moulding their hardened hearts into hearts of flesh;”

our Father in Heaven is Tenderhearted who rejoices in pure hearts
and delights in the presence of His children who are simple of heart;

from there on my heart is strapped on His Heart,
to walk with Yahweh in the land of the living;
my heart exults, my very soul rejoices, knowing who my Father is;
for He is as well my Home, my Kin, my Family and my Life;
He is my True Counselor and Educator,
who instructs us words of Wisdom;

Yahweh, Most Faithful, Guardian of our soul,
Your Hand will extend these days and reach everyone,
so that with joy they may hail Your Kindness,
then in their turn they will proclaim Your Holy Name
to generations still to come;
for they will testify of Your Meekness and of Your Mercy
to a people yet unborn; Amen

is this what you wish for your brothers and sisters? To extend My Hand to them?


hear Me: I will do so, daughter… let everyone pray in this manner and I will extend My Hand for the sake of the love you have for Me,

Father, You are so generous! so mindful I have no words

My faithful Love has healed you, and will heal many more, daughter, I will never forsake you; I am your Refuge; so courage daughter and always lean on Me; inhale My Breath that keeps you alive and strong… let My Voice go out through all the earth and spread My Messages to the ends of the world; you penciled now all what My Spirit guided you to write…

My Word will go out of your mouth in the Assemblies and It will provide food for the starved; It will prosper and will never return back to Me unfulfilled but will achieve its purpose;

find your strength in Me and you will never lack; I bless you My child… Love loves you…

1 Jr 9: 22-23 Thus says Yahweh, ‘let the sage boast no more of his wisdom, nor the valiant of his valour, nor the rich man of his riches! But if anyone wants to boast, let him boast of this: of understanding and knowing me.

2 I heard at the same time: ‘be welcomed in’.

3 I heard the word fire as well, simultaneously.

4 Many times, the Holy Spirit gives me the words, helps me write down what I really want to say but am unable to do so, as I am incapable of expressing what I carry in my heart.

5 Heavenly glitter.

6 This was while I was living in Bangladesh where poverty was striking.

7 Allusion to Is 54 :5 for your Creator is your husband, Yahweh Sabaoth is His Name.