January 10, 2022

Ah Lord! I am fully at Your disposition, trying to walk with care; so come and hide me in Yourself; hiding within You, I know I will be hiding in Life; You know that I still do not understand fully how it is possible that an insignificant creature as I am was drawn to be intertwined with You, giving Yourself totally to me and hiding me in Your warm embrace, close to Your heart, feeling Your unconditional Love, feeling Home, secure, safe and nothing to worry about, belonging, comforted…

My Vassula, my Heart is for everyone; I am the Bridegroom of all those who accept Me; they are joined with Me and they become My brides, and you, little daffodil, have I not led you into the House of David? blessed are you who seek Me and finds Me, blessed are those who pursue Me and desire Me, never more will they be attracted to embrace any earthly substances, for they will find bliss and real Wealth in Me; I, then, in My turn, will possess them, I will treat them with boundless compassion and tenderness; and yes! I will become their Instructor, their Bridegroom, their Companion and friend, their family, their all, so that they will never forsake the fountain of Wisdom! they will learn knowledge and understanding with Me… remember My Vassula,1  yes! when I once said to you: I will give you only ‘passion’, you then, perplexed, asked: ‘passion?’ yes, ‘passion’ I said to you; well now maybe you understood what I meant, and oh, am I glad! when I had revealed My Face 2  to you, when you were lifted to contemplate My Glory, your soul rejoicing rushed to Me, crying out loudly: “You are my God, You alone are my Saviour!” and your soul with insatiable thirst for Me, learned to desire Me with burning passion and divine love; you were put aflame, shrouded in My Embrace, I kept your passion for Me alive, until your soul was wounded by Love, yes, My Immortal Splendor wounded you;

hear Me: I have, in My jealous Love, infused in you to desire Me with passion, wounding you when revealing to you My Beauty! from a parched land that you once were, I turned you into a rich soil where My seeds of Love prospered you to grow like an olive tree loaded with fruit to have celestial food for everyone;

if only this impoverished generation turned around instead of heading into a path that leads them nowhere but to death… if only they would remember My Mercy! and how rich I am in Forgiveness, in forgiving all their offenses, they would fall flat on their faces to the ground to worship Me in adoration and in awe!

I am your gentle Protector who supports you, who crowns you with Love and Tenderness and who redeemed you; I am your Cantor, chanting sweet melodies of heaven, to enchant your heart, appeasing your frailty and fear;

do you know something? when I watch the outside world with its terrible sights, and the loud deafening clamour coming out of this world, My Heart bleeds; but, My Vassula, I find My rest in the silence of those hearts that love Me; hear Me: bring to light what you have learned diligently from Me, and pass on to this generation, this Knowledge liberally;

soon Heaven will lean down, for the sighs of those who are now captives were heard; for I am a God of Love, I am a God of Kindness; I am always known to be on the side of the oppressed;

wait and you shall see… Love loves you! ic

1 I blurted out : ‘ I like it when You say: “My” Vassula!’

2 His Love