May 17, 2021

daughter, My Peace I give to you!1

You know sweet Yahweh, I search for You all day long; I enjoy talking about You to my friends but also in the assemblies, telling them how much fatherly, meek You are, with unconditional love; Your love is better than life itself, reminding them that there is no rest in our soul without accepting You in our hearts;

 guide each creature to the Truth, teach them gently as You did with me and keep them away from temptation! 

My daughter, I give My Ear to the poor in spirit and to the lowly; I delight in those hearts! citadel! citadel of Mine! do not allow yourself to be discouraged with today’s situation, all nations now lie at My Mercy; My wrath is passing on them; elevate your spirit, allow Me to breathe on this pervert generation My wrath, allow My Hand to lie heavily over them for they have wronged Me and have piled sin upon sin on their heads;

this is My Justice that is being executed!

Mercy and Wrath alike belong to Me, for I am Mighty to forgive and to pour out wrath; My Mercy is great, but My severity is as great…

look, in a day or two 2  I shall pass by you, generation, and My Voice will be carried out as far as all the universe, to hear bolts of thunder, while many stars will fall encircling you with black clouds; sparks of thunderbolts will be seen and heard by all, even to the remotest of places; enough is enough! I withheld My wrath until now, waiting, observing; but no, no sound of repentance was heard, nothing!

this earth was prepared and given to you as a gift from Me, so that you be happy and live together in harmony, but look, disgrace, disgrace, disgrace! evil has drawn an abominable cloud over you; I am not pleased with you, generation; the good and the bad alike will suffer; this generation never gives up its distorted ways! are you not the spawn of sin? debauchery and futile killings of infants and all of this continues and you call to appease My wrath? I will avenge the blood of the slain infants, I will avenge their blood; see how former predictions came true?

and now I am foretelling you that just around the corner, My Son, Jesus Christ is ready to visit this earth; He will show Himself and He will bring Justice to this generation; He will level to the ground all those who stirred war against Me; and true Justice will be established once again on this earth; the time of redemption is soon with you…

History is being repeated: when the inhabitants of this earth practiced only perjury, slaughter, theft, adultery and godlessness, You intervened, for their own good…

 I am a God of Mercy and am known as well to pardon crimes;

Then have mercy on this generation, because we know what delight You take showing Your Mercy; we know that You do not want us to see You in an image holding a thunderbolt in Your Hand, ready to cast on us and strike us…

let Me interrupt you, if only, if only you knew how My Heart bleeds; if only you would see the sorrow in My Face, and how I grieve for this generation, and how I pity all of those wretches!

In the Book of Esther, ch. 5, v. 11, it is written that the king whose heart was cold and ruthless to the point that Esther feared him a lot, especially when she had to meet him to ask a favour, it is written: ‘but God changed the King’s heart’… so You see, You are able to change hearts and so You can change the hearts of those who offend You!

 I said to man: Wisdom, it is the fear of the Lord; understanding? – avoidance of all evil! I will redeem the wretched by their very wretchedness; and I have used distress to open the eyes of the king…

I love You, Yahweh, and I know that something good will come our way!

 I always delight to the sound of your heart! carry out your duties and leave these matters to Me; what I need from you is that you pray, remind My people that prayers are the weapon to triumph over evil!

My blessings I give to you, child!

1 The Father was speaking

2 God’s time – God’s time is not like our time