March 2, 2022

I have created you to instruct you with Wisdom to teach mankind all over again My acts of Justice and the Majestic Figure that I Am! I have displayed My Holiness to you all, I have never ceased to call for repentance and prayers; prayers that will heal your soul and body; through prayer you will learn to do My Will and you will learn My Ways; you will learn to keep My Ways that will lead you to Me for the man who finds Me finds Life; by My Own Glory and Goodness and through My Divine Power I have given this generation all that they need to reach divinity through true devotion, and to approach Me intimately, so that they get to know Me;

yes, I have been reminding you all, the same truths as they are written in My Word;1   come now! in Me alone there is rest for your soul; do not look elsewhere for peace and harmony, for safety and rest;

Vassula, My desire is that you have Me constantly in your mind; and in the morning when you wake up, have your first thoughts on Me, filling Me with your love; end your day with Me, never leaving Me from your side; then, during the day, never cease praising Me, instructing your surrounding of My Glory, of My Omnipotence, let Me be the joy of your heart as you are the joy of My Heart!  let these days of darkness that you are being held in be filled with My Presence and My Splendour; let your ears hear these words:

‘I, your Lord, have come to anoint you as My bride,
to change your heart into a blessing and vest
you with Myself, for this is the heart I have chosen,
this is where I will stay forever;’

then I will fence you all around with My Glory, so that the night that has encircled you turns into Light, then darkness will not dwell in you anymore; I am known to heal broken hearts, for I am known to show love in all I do;

I will be by your side, daughter, to continue teaching you for this is what pleases Me, so that all that you learn from Me would be pleasing to Me and will be acceptable to Me;

I bless you and remind you to give Me an ear now and then; ic

1  The Scriptures